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Businesses that are looking into getting managed IT services in Atlanta, Georgia will benefit by using a reputable company that is available to address their needs 24/7. A reputable IT company can help any business oversee their technology resources and make sure that they are all working properly. Whether a business is looking to monitor network devices, install applications or maintain system security, managed IT services are ideal for any business that wants to maintain their technology resources with the help of a competent group of professionals.

When a business is looking into working with a company to manage their IT needs, they will want to consider the benefits as well as what these services have to offer. Fortunately for businesses in Atlanta, WideData Corporation has you covered with with information technology consultants who are focused on meeting your specific needs. Each of these information technology consultants will help your business more efficiently address your concerns and use solutions that are best suited to their specific needs.


There are a few benefits to outsourcing your information technology functions to a consulting company. A managed IT services firm will offer managed network services along with many other things. The benefits offered by IT service companies will allow businesses to not only maintain their technology but also save money. As a result, managed IT services Atlanta is one of the best things that any business can get if they want to ensure more efficiency.

• Round the Clock Availability

One of the benefits of managed IT solutions is around the clock assistance. An outsourced IT management company will have professionals available during all hours of the day to monitor networks and protect technology from any breaches in security. With availability around the clock, businesses will be sure to have the assistance they need at all times.

• Cost Effective

Another benefit of managed IT services is that they are very cost effective compared to other options. While companies can hire a staff of several IT professionals and an entire department of a dozen employees, this will cost a lot of money. With outsourced IT services, a company can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Instead of paying many employees, they can just pay a fee each month that will allow them to get all they need to manage their technology. By saving money, businesses will have more funding to invest in things that help increase sales and generate higher revenues.

• Comprehensive Coverage

Whenever you are looking to hire an outsourced service, one of the things that you will want to look for is the amount of coverage that you will get. While some IT management services offer plenty of coverage, they might not provide coverage for some important things. As a result, you will need to hire multiple companies. However, with a top managed IT services company, you will be able to get all of the coverage that your business needs. By getting comprehensive coverage, you will not have to worry about spending more money on IT services or risk getting data compromised.

• Detailed Reporting

Whenever you use managed IT services, getting the most detailed reporting is one of the main benefits. With detailed reporting, you will have access to information that can help you keep better track of your technology resources and making sure that they are running properly. Having detailed reporting will allow you to monitor phone calls, detect security breaches, communicate with employees and staff and also monitor the condition of your software and technology resources.


As a business owner or company executive, it is also important to consider what managed IT services can offer you. Like any other services, you will want to know exactly what you are getting on a regular basis. When it comes to managed IT services, there are many things that you can take advantage of. With all of these options available, you will never have to worry about maintaining your technology resources being mismanaged.

• Security Management

One of the best things that you will get with managed IT services is security management. Businesses are able to get all of their technology and data stored safely. With security management, companies will be able to rely on professional IT consultants who are familiar with the latest security tasks that can ensure that no data is stolen or breached. Since security is one of the very most important aspects of managing technology, using managed IT services will provide you with a reliable option to make sure that your technology is safe from any potential threats.

• Professional Assistance

Whenever you work with a company that offers managed IT services, one of the things that you can count on is assistance from an IT professional. Managed IT services will provide companies with experienced consultants who are knowledgeable about technology. With this knowledge, they can give you the advice you need to better manage your technology resources. The assistance provided by a professional IT consultant will also allow businesses to work with someone who can solve problems quickly and efficiently. As a result, this provides more comfort for executives and business owners who want to make sure that they get the help they need whenever they are looking to get help overseeing their technology.

• Vendor Management

Managed IT services also offer vendor management for businesses. With this type of service, business are able to better manage the process of completing contract agreements in order to ensure the best pricing and customer service. An IT management company can help businesses more efficiently complete essential tasks that are required to manage vendor transactions. With this type of service, businesses will be able to more easily oversee relationships with all of their vendors. Some of the benefits of vendor management include improving employee productivity, lowering costs, improving vendor performance and enhancing operational efficiency.

• Proactive Support

Whenever a business gets managed IT services, one of the things that they can always count on is proactive support. Since technology can be a bit complicated at times, it always helps to have a professional who can come in and help. The proactive support offered by managed IT services companies include things such as consulting, managing networks, providing system security and installing new programs and applications. With this proactive support, companies can also get regular feedback from trusted professionals so that they can always know where they stand in terms of overseeing their technological resources.

• Coverage for all Technology

There are many businesses that have lots of technology to manage. As a result, they will look for an IT company that can provide coverage for all of their technology. With managed IT services, businesses will be able to get all of the coverage they need to better manage their technology. The coverage of technological resources can include oversight of all computer networks, backing up data on hundreds of computers, managing databases and installing new applications for dozens of computers in a given building. This comprehensive coverage can also include oversight of all computer hardware in various locations as well.

• Backup & Disaster Recovery

When it comes to managing information technology, one of the most important things to consider is backing up and storing data. Anytime a business looks into getting managed IT services, it is important to find a company that offers backup and disaster recovery. While businesses often save information and store it securely, there are times when there can be a security breach and then the data can be lost or stolen. With backup and disaster recovery, companies can use managed IT services to implement a more secure system for storing data, saving it, backing it up and restoring it if necessary. Since this is one of the most important services that a business can get, they will want to makes sure that backup and disaster recovery is available from any managed IT services company they decide to work with.


Before you decide to hire a company that specializes in managed IT services, you will want to consider getting an assessment of your needs. One of the things that a reputable company can offer you is a complimentary network security assessment. During this process, WideData will evaluate your computer networks and determine how secure they are. We will make recommendations on how to make them more secure and what updated software you should use in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your computer networks. This assessment will also help you determine the extent of IT services you need in order to best secure all of your technology.  Give us a call today for your free assessment.

Benefits Of Outsourcing IT

Round-The-Clock Availability
Get 24/7 technical support.  Our highly diversified team is not affected by sick days, vacation or constant turnover.  Extended office hours for phone support and round-the-clock technical support keeps your systems up and running.

Budget Friendly
We can provide consistent and predictable budgeting.  With our monthly service contracts, you can maximize cash flow and mitigate large technical problems.

Total Coverage
We monitor your systems 24/7 and have a large pool of technical knowledge to pull from.  If our front line support cannot handle a support issue it is elevated to a senior technician for immediate resolution.

Detailed Reporting
Receive in-depth reports on tasks completed, support tickets, phone calls, account activities and complete insight into your companies IT needs and requirements.

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