There are very many fun and involving activities and experiences to enjoy while visiting the city of Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and in many respects, it is the epicenter of the American South and Atlanta is even considered a technology hub. Originally being a military post town, the city has grown vigorously over the years into a commercial town. There are many famous singers, actors, and novelists that have come from the city, including Margaret Mitchell, who wrote the smash hit Gone With the Wind, which was about Atlanta. However, the city is no longer the quiet escape it was in the old days, rather, now it is a city featuring hustle and bustle with many offerings in the way of museums, gardens, historic sites, sporting events, and more. This article will go through five of the top activities to do while visiting the city of Atlanta.

Fox Theatre

A premiere entertainment venue that has a focus on live entertainment of all assortments. The theatre holds a max capacity of 4,665 seats. The theatre is historic for many reasons and delivering over 150 annual live performances leads the way. Offering many different show stylings, the theatre offers comedy standups, Broadway musicals, rock concerts, movie showings, and even more. In 2009, The Fox Theatre has deemed the #1 non-residency venue in the world for the last decade! This included all venues with a 5,000 or less seating capacity. The Fox Theatre is found in Midtown Atlanta, GA. Located just a mere half mile to the Conference Center Hotel, this venue is very much within walking distance for many visitors. The theatre also hosts many personal events such as; weddings, sweet 16 parties, and so much more. The Fox Theatre can be found at 660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a wonderful place to visit to take in creatures from the sea. Great for a family outing to be enjoyed by all. The aquarium itself features more sea creatures than any other aquarium in the entire world. There are over eight million gallons of water throughout the aquariums and featuring over 100,000 creatures of the aquatic.

Guided tours are available, along with programs to learn from. There are over sixty sea creature exhibits to journey through that range from all colors and sizes. The aquarium has tiny creatures, medium creatures, and also large sea creatures including the infamous whale shark. Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Coldwater Quest, and other exhibits will sustain interest throughout the day visit. Many activities are also available throughout the day at the Georgia Aquarium.

With so many creatures to enjoy, this is a destination for the sea-minded. Trainers interact with very rare creatures in many cases. The rare albino alligators, sea lions, and even a swim with the sharks are some of the compelling reasons to visit the Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium can be found at 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

Piedmont Park

This park was once a personal property for Dr. Benjamin Walker and he used it to house out-of-town gentlemen. The park is located about 1 mile northeast of the Downtown area and has a great many offerings to visitors. Being so close to downtown truly makes this an urban park.

Bike Riding

Take a bike ride through the park, while taking in the natural surroundings. This park is a Relay Bike Share site, so no need to bring your own bike. Reserve a bike through the phone app and in a moment the bike ride begins. The paths and road go on for many miles within the park and the park was designed to be bike-friendly.

Dog Parks

Visitors bringing their pet dogs will love to find out there is not only one dog park at Piedmont Park Conservancy but two. These are off-leash dog-friendly parks and are maintained 100% by the conservancy. There are over 700,000 visitors who use the three-acre area. There is shade available along with water stations, benches, and a restroom nearby. Although there are a great many entrances to the park, if not certain how to find the park you can locate it at 1320 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30306.

SkyView Ferris wheel

View the city from the highest of heights while taking a ride on the SkyView Ferris Wheel. This is a massive Ferris wheel standing 20 stories high above Centennial Park. There are 42 cabins for visitors to enjoy a ride in comfort and style. The cabins are all climate-controlled and offer incredible views of the park and the entire city. A full panoramic view can be viewed while on the Ferris wheel, including views of downtown Atlanta. This amazing Ferris wheel can be found in Atlanta Georgia at 168 Luckie St.

High Museum of Art

A premier museum in the south, The High Museum of Art has a lot to offer a visitor. The museum is located in Midtown Atlanta, in the city’s arts district. Over the decade the museum has attracted millions of visitors, in 2010 alone attracting over 500,000 visitors to the museum. The museum has a great number of art attractions and collections ranging from contemporary to classic offerings. The museum is always bringing new experiences to the public through special exhibitions, extensive and permanent collections, and even programs created for the family and children. There are meeting rooms and event facilities available, and the museum also offers dining options, making this a destination for all. This fine museum can be found at 1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.


Heading to Africa while visiting Atlanta might sound a bit odd, but technology has a way of delivering the world into our laps. The Illuminarium opened to the public in July of 2021 and has a lot to offer in the way of nature exhibits. With over 30,000 square feet of virtual experiences, the Illuminarium will immerse its visitors from head to toe in the feeling of Africa and much of what Africa has to offer. This attraction is outfitted with over 15 million dollars of technology to deliver such a great experience. The experience delivers the sounds, feels, scents of nature and it doesn’t stop there. The floor will even rumble at opportune times to enhance the experience. The feeling of virtual reality is experienced, however, there is no need for virtual reality goggles. The facility is delivering the best projector and sound system experiences in the world. Shaking floors, scents in the air, and other little nuances truly give the experience of being in Africa on a safari and beyond. This facility will bring Africa directly to the viewer by bringing Africa to life, virtually. Come face-to-face with Africa’s most exotic animals, see where the animals live, take in amazing landscapes, experience an African sunrise, and peer up at the majestic stars looking down upon the African land. All senses are triggered and the world of Africa will begin to unfold itself to the viewer. This is the first virtual show to bring Africa to life in the way only these new technologies can. The Illuminariium is located at 550 Somerset Terrace NE, Atlanta, GA 30306.