Below is an overview of the IT services we provide.

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WideData offers Full Range of Managed IT Services in Atlanta and Boulder and Several Other Areas

System Administration & Infrastructure Planning

What’s the ideal technical setup for your company? Widedata’s team has years of experience with virtualization, peer-to-peer networks, server clusters, or any other infrastructure you can imagine. We can do everything from administering your current system, to working with you to design, implement and maintain infrastructure, policies and procedures that meet your business’ exact requirements.

Help Desk

Time is money. Every hour you spend working around an IT problem is an hour not spent getting the actual work of your business done. Our trained IT professionals can get straight to the root of the problem, ensuring that your business workflow is smooth and uninterrupted. We can also provide scheduled maintenance visits, checking for viruses, malware attacks, removing unused data, and generally keeping your systems running optimally.

Emergency IT & Backup Recovery

Every so often something goes wrong, sometimes catastrophically. For those circumstances, we provide backup recovery and emergency IT services. We’re here to recover your critical business systems and data as quickly as possible, so you experience minimal or no interruption to your business.

Low Voltage Cabling

Proper cable infrastructure is vital for a fast and reliable network. Whether you’re just getting started, expanding your operation, or moving to new offices, WideData will ensure everything is installed right, with minimum inconvenience to your business and employees.

Telephony & IP Phones

Do you need a phone system? Interested in VoIP (Voice over IP) or creating a smart office? WideData is here with whatever your business needs.  We have extensive knowledge of today’s telephone systems. Voicemail to e-mail integration, VOIP, and other emerging technologies can streamline your company’s communication. Let our experience guide you in planning and implementing your telecommunications infrastructure.


Every business has unique IT needs, whether it’s enhancing collaboration between colleagues, ensuring data privacy or regulatory compliance, or facilitating communication between technical and non-technical staff. Schedule a consult with us, and we can discuss the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your individual needs.

Cloud Services

You may have heard people talking about “the cloud.” It’s simple: instead of storing your business’ valuable data on individual machines or a local sever, it’s stored on multiple, connected servers and managed by us. Your data is more secure and managing backups, facilitating collaboration and recovering from a disaster becomes a snap.

Network Security

As each day goes by, cyber security becomes more and more vital. WideData offers a variety of services to keep your network secure. Rest easy, knowing both your and your client’s data is protected.

Business Applications

From patching and updating your current business software, to developing fully customized applications, WideData will ensure your software meets your business needs in the most efficient way possible, lowering costs and improving employee performance.

Keeping large amounts of data in a quick and easy to use format is crucial in keeping your competitive edge. WideData uses the most up to date technologies to implement customized solutions to your specifications.

Comprehensive IT Outsourcing

WideData is prepared to act as a complete IT department, one already staffed with a team of experienced, highly competent professionals. There’s no need to go through the arduous process of building your own IT department. Leave it to us, and you can concentrate on the most important thing: growing your business and serving your customers.